COVID Vaccination Update – 22/11/2021

Booster doses:

Current policy is for all over 40s and those in ‘at risk’ groups or working in health or social care, to be offered a booster COVID vaccine. This will be the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, irrespective of the previous two doses.

This is because evidence shows increasing infections in double-vaccinated patients after 6 months.

In Israel, the booster programme dramatically halted a new wave of infection, so the UK is following this programme too.

We recommend all over 40s and ‘at risk’ patients to take up the invite.

You will be contacted by the NHS 6 months after your 2nd dose.

Immunosuppressed patients

If you are considered ‘immunosuppressed’, you will be offered a 3rd dose of the vaccine.

This may seem confusing, but it is named a 3rd dose as evidence shows you may not have as many antibodies after the first two doses.

For this group, a ‘booster’ may be planned at a later stage.

You can have a 3rd dose, if immunosuppressed, 8 weeks after a 2nd dose.

Whatever you do, please take up the offer. It may save your life.