Make an appointment by visiting our consulting room

Surgeries are held throughout the day from 8.30am to 8pm most days of the week.

Saturday morning surgeries are held from 9.00am – 12.00pm.

All sessions are arranged by appointment, which can be made by telephoning your surgery.

It is helpful with urgent problems if you can give the receptionist some information about the nature of the problem, although this does not affect your right to confidentiality.

If an appointment is made and for some reason is no longer required, we do ask that you phone to cancel the appointment. This will enable it to be used for another patient.

Appointments are booked at the NHS standard rate, which is 10 minutes per appointment. Longer appointments can be given at the doctor’s discretion.

At your appointment the doctor will give you as long as is necessary to deal with your problem safely, but if you have multiple problems to discuss, she/he may ask you to book another appointment.

Please ensure that you arrive before your appointment time, as if you are even a little late it will delay every other patient after you.

Please ask to see the same doctor about ongoing medical problems. We will try to accommodate your choice of doctor, although you will appreciate that it is not always possible for emergency slots and during holiday periods.

Did you know we offer automated appointment booking?

Our automated appointment booking system allows patients to book, amend and cancel appointments during and outside our usual operating hours. To access it, call us as usual on 020 3883 5800 and key Option 1 on the menu.

You will be prompted for your date of birth (which the system will use, along with the phone number you are calling from, to identify you). Key Option 1 again from the resulting menu and appointments available via this method over the next five days will be offered to you.

If the line goes quiet or it seems as though the call has suddenly disconnected at any point during this process, the system has encountered an error. This could be owing to a number of issues, including a conflict between two patients simultaneously trying to book the same appointment, but is most commonly due to a mismatch between the number the caller is calling from and the number held for that caller on our system.

In any case, do not hang up! Even if the line appears to be inactive, you will be automatically transferred to our reception team’s call queue within 40 seconds (the system’s developers are actively working to reduce this wait time).

Currently only GP appointments are on offer via automated booking. We aim to include a variety of other appointment types, including blood tests and smears, in the near future.

If you have any problems accessing automated booking, please contact the practice with your name, the telephone number you called from and the time at which you made the call; the system has a comprehensive monitoring and reporting facility and we will be able to investigate any issues which may arise promptly.

Want To Book Appointments & Request Prescriptions Online?

The practice offers online appointment booking and allows for the online submission of prescription requests via Patient Access. To register for the Patient Access facility, please complete our online registration form.

Telephone Consultations

It is possible to book a telephone consultation with your doctor or nurse, arranging a convenient time to ring them. This allows you to discuss a problem or results which may not need a face to face consultation and can save you having to take time off work. If you have a problem that is likely to need an examination – for instance a rash, cough, or abdominal pain, then a telephone consultation is not appropriate.

Text Reminders

Please ensure that you let us know when you change your contact details. We are able to send you a text message to remind you of your appointment if we have an up to date mobile telephone number.